CHEEZA PLEEZA are a unique family of chunky cheese spreads that come in a herd of flavors: Savory, Pimento, Spicy and Sweet.  Cheeza Pleeza spreads that are unique blends of cheeses and spices that deliver 24/7 Gourmet Flavor to any snack, lunch, dinner, breakfast or party food.

Get a Flavor Upgrade

Cheeza Pleeza flavors are terrific with chips, fantastic as a sandwich, and perfect for a keto friendly desk lunch. But even better, anyone can give a meal a “Flavor Upgrade” with a scoop of a Cheeza Pleeza chunky cheese spread.  Cheeza Pleeza is ideal for food pairing.  The rich flavors are versatile enough to be used on eggs for breakfast, avocados for lunch, after-school snack with veggies, topping for baked potatoes, or top any meat for a do-it-yourself gourmet for guests. Testing testing testsing..

The story of Cheeza Pleeza begins with a legacy of love and shared lunches.

Cheeza Pleeza started because my mom, who was in a nursing home, wanted a homemade pimento cheese sandwich for lunch. Mom was a foodie who had traveled the world and appreciated flavor. Like many nursing home residents, she had food fatigue. I was desperate to get protein into her system that wasn’t filled with sugar, salt, and chemicals.

Often, she would ask me to bring her a real homemade Pimento Cheese sandwich for lunch. Growing up in the depression, homemade pimento cheese sandwiches was a comfort food for my mother. I never really liked store bought pimento cheese because it tasted artificial and very bland. But if mom wanted pimento cheese then I was going to learn how to make it.

So, in order to share lunch with my mom, I made up my own recipe with extra cheeses and spices. It had pimentos and cheese but it was very different than any store-bought cheese spread. The mix tasted like cheese instead mayonnaise. Because of all the spices my version of pimento cheese had more flavor and made a much better sandwich. Mom loved my homemade version and would graciously roll her eyes and tell me how good it was every time I brought it. See a short video that Lynn shares about how Cheeza Bleeza started.

Our Commitment

We believe in BIG TEXAS FLAVOR!

Conventional Pimento Cheese and cheese spreads are made with 4-5 ingredients and taste more like mayonnaise,

salad dressing, or fillers than a true cheese or cheddar flavor.

Each Cheeza Pleeza Savory Cheese spread has a different fusion of more than 6 cheeses and over 20 herbs and spices.  

This gives each spread its own unique flavor.

Our Cheeza Manifesto

This is NOT your Grandma’s Pimento Cheese!

While we know that we can never compete with the love and cooking skills of your mom or grandma, Cheeza Pleeza strives to deliver big flavor with homemade goodness in every container. Our products are made in small batches, with quality ingredients, less salt, no MSG, no fillers or artificial flavors.

Yep, it’s a lot of work, but we love seeing the smile on people’s faces when they taste it. Someone said that we should have called it “Crack Cheese” but

We make our product with love and it’s our pleasure to share a little love, one spoonful at a time.