Parmesan Pub Cheese

Parmesan Pub Savory cheese has a creamy texture which compliments the dab of horseradish. It is reminiscent of the pub cheese that they serve in English pubs


One of my favorite memories as a child was the pre-dinner ritual of my folks. They would tell us kids get out of the kitchen for 15 minutes while they talked about their day. While Mom finished up dinner, Dad would prepare 10 crackers with the “Adult cheese” that they would have with a small glass of wine or shared bottle of beer. Dad never liked spicy food but he loved cheese with horseradish. Some nights, we got lucky and Dad shared a cracker of the special cheese.

Cheese Pleeza Parmesan Pub was made for my Dad and those who like strong savory cheese flavor found in the North East and British Isles. It has a strong parmesan base with white cheese and a slight horseradish kick. Just enough to make it interesting but not enough to be bitter.

This works with all types of crackers, British Biscuits, fresh vegetables and breads. It makes a surprisingly different addition to a roast beef or salami sandwich. For appetizers it is a great base for crostini, brochette, or cheese toast. Like the other Cheese Pleeza spreads it works with steamed or grilled vegetables, meats, eggs, frittatas, potatoes or pasta topper.

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