Honeyed Jalapeños

Honey Jalapenos are hot, sweet but rich in flavor. The peppers are poached in a gallon of honey 12-24 hours until they combine to make a pepper that irresistibly sweet and firey. These jalapenos have more flavor than the traditional sugared variety.

The honey gives a less acidic taste to the peppers which makes them a terrific and unforgettable addition to nachos, sweet potatoes, fresh fruit, cream cheese, steak, grilled meat, tacos, pound cake, toast or yogurt.


If you need some sweet hot spice in your life, this is it. Jalapeños are slow poached in honey until they are infused with sweetness. This is a flavor that is unusual but addictive. (Even the non-pepper eaters like them.) The honey takes the bite out of the jalapenos so that the hot sweetness is more like a jam but hot enough to have a burn.

These work on crackers, cream cheese, goat cheese or on a cheese platter. They make fun glaze for chicken or grilled meats. Toss them on nachos, burgers, sandwiches or chopped brisket. Warning, Honeyed Jalapenos can be addictive forming to even “non-pepper heads” and be sure to use any leftover juice, if any remains, in a barbeque sauce.

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