Hatch Green Chili Savory Cheese

Hatch Green Chili Savory Cheese is spicy cheese with layers of flavor The blend of six Mexican and Italian cheeses and spices balance out the smoky heat from over 9 different peppers and chilies in this unique cheese.


I became addicted to Green Chilies on a ski trip to New Mexico. I ate them with every meal and quickly discovered the beauty of cheese enchiladas with green chilies. One year, mom and I took a vacation to New Mexico during Chili season. We bought and shipped five full bags of roasted chilies home with our luggage. After a week of processing chilies you think I’d be sick of them, but no, we were totally and thoroughly hooked.

Hatch Green Chilies give this spicy cheese spread a tart yet smoky undertone that precedes the back heat of the peppers. This has a blend of Mexican and Italian cheeses mixed with spices based on a combination of smoked peppers and chilies. This is a medium heat cheese as it is important to enjoy the flavors before the burn.

Hatch Spicy Cheese Pleeza is great for snacking and must have for tailgate parties and burgers. Upgrade any ham or turkey sandwich or biscuits. It works with all things Mexican – breakfast tacos, nachos or enchiladas. When you cook with it you may find that the flavor and heat may increase as the heat helps release more of the “heat” of the spices. Add some to stuffed peppers, grilled chicken, veggies or over rice.

Look for some of the recipes here. (Link to recipe section)

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