Five Star Savory Pimento Cheese

Five Star Savory Pimento is like a traditional pimento cheese but with “new attitude.” Five Star has a blend of five cheeses mixed with a bold combination of twenty herbs, spices and seasoning.


People ask if Five Star was named after the Lone Star State, the answer is yes, partially. Five Star Savory Pimento Cheese has a blend of five kinds of cheese mixed with twenty different herbs, spices, and flavorings. The truth is that I never really like ordinary pimento cheeses because they tasted boring or more like mayo than cheese. So, I created a recipe that kicked things up a notch, to quote Chef Emil Lagasse, “BAM!”.

Five Star is like a traditional mild pimento cheese but bolder, chunkier, and “grownup”. This is why we call it Savory Pimento. This is a favorite with moms for school lunches, after-school snacks or yummy cheese toast. It will make your kids say Cheese Please or Pleeza!

Five Star makes a great snack or party food served with crackers, chips, raw vegetables. Sandwich lovers debate which is the best type of bread or meat to serve with it. (My current favorite is on sourdough with tomatoes, broiled open-faced.) Five Star makes an amazing grilled cheese sandwich or addition to scrambled eggs, rice or “easy peasy” mac and cheese.

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