Festive Sweet Blue with Honey Pecans

Festive Sweet Blue is a sweet or desert cheese with a base of Blue Cheese, cream cheese and cheddar combined with roasted honeyed pecans and Craisins. The flavor is first sweet, then tart and crunchy.


Blue Cheese is one of those flavors that people either love it or wrinkle their noses as they say, “No thank you” when offered. That was until Festive Blue Cheese came to the table.

Based on an Amish recipe, this combination of Blue Cheese with honeyed roasted pecans and Craisins. The taste is first sweet then followed by a creamy tart cheese flavor that is just right. I have had a 5-year-old boy eat the entire sample tray while their Dad told me that he didn’t like Blue Cheese.

This is great for snacks or entertaining with crackers, celery, apples, and jicama. Kids, little and big, it with graham crackers or ginger cookies. The sweetness would classify Festive Blue as a desert cheese but don’t tell the early morning folks. It gives the day a tasty beginning on toast, bagels or scones.

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Weight 8 kg

200 kg




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