Dill Pickle Cheeza

Dill Pickle Cheeza is a delightful bright mix of dill pickle and cheddar cheeses. It is a happy addition to any sandwich or lunch box. This pairs well with grilled chicken, burgers and pork.


Folks who love dill pickle and sour gummy worms, love Dill Pickle Cheeza Pleeza. This flavor was inspired by my nieces, who love anything sour and tangy tasting. Thus Dill Pickle Cheeza was born. But in the process, I had them sampling and they made me go back and add more chopped pickles a total of three times. We hand rough chop the pickles with the right amount of sour, salty and tangy-goodness. This is added to gobs of cheddar cheese and dill.

Dill Pickle Cheeza has a bright happy flavor with the right balance of sour and dill. I love it on BLT sandwiches, burgers, and chicken.

One of the best ways to use this is to make Chick-fila sliders on Hawaiin roles for parties. The younger folks love this and devour it quickly.

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