crunchy pecan honey

Pecan Crunchy Honey is raw wildflower honey mixed with raw pecans that become infused with sweetness. This is perfect for toast, scones, fruit salads and more.


I love homemade Pecan Pie but, rarely have time to bake. If in a baking zone, then I regret making one because, unless there is a party, it is too much temptation and sugar. Crunchy Honey was made to give me the flavor and taste of pecan pie without the guilt. I also wanted something that would I could add to plain yogurt that would give sweetness without tons of sugar.

This is wildflower honey with roasted, mostly Texas pecans mixed with drops of flavor to give a lovely sweet flavor and crunchy finish. This is perfect for toast, special brunches, or as a topping for fruit salad, cake, cheese or baked brie. To reduce sugar and get the nutritional benefits of the raw honey, add a few teaspoons to plain oatmeal, yogurt or cottage cheese for breakfast or a desert.

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