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A Legacy of Love. The Story of Cheeza Pleeza

The story of Cheeza Pleeza is, really about my mom. There are many people who have contributed to the growth of this new type of cheese, and I am grateful, but it began with my mom First of all, I love cheese in all its forms, but I have never been much of a pimento […]

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Hatch Green Chili Savory Cheeza

I became addicted to Green Chilies on a ski trip to New Mexico. I ate them with every meal and quickly discovered the beauty of cheese enchiladas with green chilies. While I may not be able to share the mountains with you, I can share this Southwestern flavor with your family. Hatch Green Chilies give […]

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Greek Holiday Savory Cheeza

Greek Holiday has a base of Feta and Mediterranean cheeses, herbs, spices, peppers, black olives and capers.  This has a bright, slightly tart flavor that is lovely with all crackers, raw vegetables, hummus and all things Greek. This unique Mediterranean cheese is endorsed by Zorba the Greek, well not really but I’m sure he would […]

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Pesto Cheeza, an elegant flavor

Pesto Cheeza is a rich blend of Italian cheeses, pesto, and Mediterranean spices.  This is the cheese that Pesto lovers have always dreamed of having any time and on any type of bread, cracker or meat.  This is a cheese that is sophisticated enough for the best wine party and robust enough to hold it own with pretzels […]

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Festive Sweet Blue Cheeza with Honey Pecans

Festive Sweet Blue is a sweet dessert or breakfast cheese with a base of Blue Cheese, cream cheese and cheddar combined with roasted honeyed pecans and Craisins. Based on an Amish recipe, the flavor is first sweet, then tart and crunchy. Blue Cheese is one of those flavors that people either love it or wrinkle […]

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