Blueberry Maple

Nothing tastes better than hot blueberry pancakes with melted butter floating in a pool of maple syrup. Blueberry Maple Toast Topper combines the happy flavor of organic blueberrys with Vermont maple syrup for a creamy sweet cheeza that is wonderful for bagels, toast, muffins, or pancakes. Or it can be used as fruit dip or […]

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Raspberry Cream Cheeza Spread

Raspberry Almond Cream

Raspberry Almond Cream is a rich combination of organic raspberry jam with cream cheese butter and other dairy goodness. It is flavored by the ripe fruit rather than sugar so that it is great on a butter cracker, scone or as a fruit tip. This is like a growup “schemer” but with more ingredients and […]

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Dreaming of Oreo’s

Lika’Oreo Cheeza Pleeza is a sweet desert cheese or fruit dip that has a cheese cake consistency and richness. Crunchy chocolate cookie pieces in a mound of vanilla sweet cheese spread that is like “heaven on a spoon.” We love Oreos and the “cookies and cream” flavor so when someone asked us if we could […]

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Sante Fe (Smokey) Black Bean Dip

SMOKEY BLACK BEAN DIP -Vegetarian The dip that won’t break your chip! Smokey Black Bean Dip is a rich black bean dip that tastes like Sante Fe. It has New Mexico green chiles, onions, garlic, spices and a mild heat. This is made without lard and is a true bean dip (not paste) that won’t […]

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Caramel Pecan Sweet Cheeza Spread

Caramel Nut Cream

Caramel Nut Cream is a luxurious combination of caramel, premium roasted nuts, cream cheese, butter and flavors. This is a holiday cheeza that reminds you of holiday cookies and candy. This is a dessert cheeza and can be also used as a Toast Topper. We love it with a cheese platter and serving it next […]

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Pesto Cheeza Spread

Pesto Cheeza, an elegant flavor

Pesto Cheeza is a rich blend of Italian cheeses, pesto, and Mediterranean spices.  This is the cheese that Pesto lovers have always dreamed of having any time and on any type of bread, cracker or meat.  This is a cheese that is sophisticated enough for the best wine party and robust enough to hold it own with pretzels […]

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Poblano Jack – A Cheeza to Remember

No Poblano! We got Cheeza! Sometimes when you cook something on a whim you discover a great recipe. That’s what happened when we made “Poblano Jack Cheeza”. We thought it would be just an occasional seasonal offering but BOOM! It has become a new favorite and we are addicted! It is so delicious and pairs […]

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More Pickles! – Dill Pickle Cheeza Pleeza

Dill Pickle is a fun flavor – tart, tangy, not too salty, not too sour – just right for a burger, chicken sandwich, tomato topping, or crackers. When I first made this flavor there was a very important flavor coach in the kitchen, my niece Alyssa. After adding the first batch of dill pickles she […]

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