Five Star Cheeza Spread

Five Star Savory Pimento Cheese

People ask if Five Star was named after the Lone Star State, the answer is yes, in part.  Five Star Savory Pimento has a blend of five kinds of cheese mixed with twenty different herbs, spices, and flavorings. The truth is that I never really like ordinary pimento cheeses because they tasted boring or more […]

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Green Chili Cheeza Spread

Hatch Green Chili Savory Cheeza

I became addicted to Green Chilies on a ski trip to New Mexico. I ate them with every meal and quickly discovered the beauty of cheese enchiladas with green chilies. While I may not be able to share the mountains with you, I can share this Southwestern flavor with your family. Hatch Green Chilies give […]

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Greek Holiday Cheeza Spread

Greek Holiday Savory Cheeza

Greek Holiday has a base of Feta and Mediterranean cheeses, herbs, spices, peppers, black olives and capers.  This has a bright, slightly tart flavor that is lovely with all crackers, raw vegetables, hummus and all things Greek. This unique Mediterranean cheese is endorsed by Zorba the Greek, well not really but I’m sure he would […]

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Dill Pickle Cheeza Spread

Dill Pickle Cheeza Pleeza

Dill Pickle is a fun flavor – tart, tangy, not too salty, not too sour – just right for a burger, chicken sandwich, tomato topping, or crackers. When I first made this flavor there was a very important flavor coach in the kitchen, my niece Alyssa. After adding the first batch of dill pickles she […]

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