06 August

COVID QUANDRY & Allison Ball to the RESCUE!

COVID felt like a gorilla took my business plan and shredded it to the wind! But, Allison Ball the Food Biz Wiz was there to help me!


The past six months have been very difficult for everyone, especially small specialty food producers like Cheeza Pleeza. We lost 100% of our income from events and farmer’s markets are at 30% sales from last year. However, good news is, during COVID Cheeza Pleeza grocery sales have been great (thanks Cheeza Peeps! And new fans). But, we still aren’t making the same numbers and the business plans are shredded.

Like most start-ups and small food manufacturers, I’m in a COVID QUANTRY! What do I do and where can I find help as a fledgling CPG (Contract Package Goods) company?

Who Ya’ Gonna Call?  Alli Ball!

Fortunately, six months ago, I found a great resource, Allison Ball and the Food Biz Wiz Facebook group. Her resources and podcasts are teaching and giving me practical ways to succeed in the food business. (Coming from the world of TV News and Media Coaching, I had no experience or training for bootstrapping a CPG food company.)

Recently, I had the privilege of having a live coaching session with Allie on her podcast. Allison Ball Consulting has a mentoring group, Retail Ready that gives practical advice and support for companies like mine. The “Retail journey” is not an easy journey friends and COVID has made it even crazier. As I told Alli, “It’s been like a gorilla took my business plan and shredded it to the wind!”

Here’s the link to the podcast – FoodBiz Whiz #53. And please tell us what you think. If you are a food business like mine, you need to check out Allison Ball Podcast, Food Biz Wiz, and Retail Ready! 

Cheezing on with hope and joy! 

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